Lotus Clinical Research has a deep understanding of the unique pathologies of pain syndromes, enabling us to develop comprehensive analgesic pain models specifically tailored to client needs, project requirements, and providing successful study outcomes.
Analgesic drug approvals
Pain trials completed
Positive FDA audits and no 483s issued
  • Acute Pain Models

    Acute Pain Models

    Lotus Clinical Research has developed an acute pain model that offers numerous advantages over traditional models, providing clients with active engagement and recruitment of study subjects, on-site accessibility of surgical and recovery services, and lowered project costs throughout a study’s..
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  • Chronic Pain Models

    Chronic Pain Models

    From early phase proof of concept through Phase 3 studies, Lotus Clinical Research specializes in designing chronic pain models that address every aspect of chronic pain studies, resulting in greater efficiencies and superior outcomes for sponsors.
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  • Early Phase

    Early Phase

    Phase 1 and Analgesic Proof-of-Concept Lotus Clinical Research's patient training tools and data collection methodologies result in reduced variability and improved statistical sensitivity toward the primary efficacy endpoint.   Multi-Day Confinement, Pharmacokinetic and CSF Collection Lotus Clinical Research has the..
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  • Hemostasis


    Lotus Clinical Research has a vast amount of experience in performing trials on topical hemostats and has been integrally involved with the following programs: Grifols (topical human thrombin), Zymogenetics (recombinant human thrombin), King Pharmaceuticals (bovine thrombin), and Profibrix (fibrocaps spray..
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  • Enrollment Results

    Enrollment Results

    Lotus Clinical Research is renowned as a top enrolling center for all types of analgesic research studies. We have a large analgesic clinical trial database with over 58,000 potential study volunteers. Our database has been accrued since 2001, utilizing nearly..
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