Our Management Team

Neil Singla, MD
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Neil Singla is a nationally recognized key opinion leader in analgesic protocol design and implementation. His experience in protocol design has been garnered from multiple regulatory contacts and meetings with the FDA over the past 12 years. He has published extensively and is a frequent lecturer for physicians, pharmaceutical companies and medical research institutes throughout the country. The main focus of Dr. Singla's academic endeavors has been to analyze and understand how the inherent variability in subjective endpoint analgesic clinical trials can be minimized. He has developed novel techniques for patient education designed to minimize variability, reduce placebo response and increase effect size.

Sonia Kaur, DO
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Sonia Kaur is board certified in Family Medicine and has extensive experience in peri-operative research having served as the principal investigator on over 50 studies investigating analgesic and anesthetic compounds. In her current capacity, Dr. Kaur serves as a lead investigator for Lotus Clinical Research; providing ongoing training to other investigators and assisting with quality assurance.

Anne Arriaga
Vice President, Clinical Operations

Anne Arriaga has over 15 years of clinical operations experience for Phase I-IV studies. Prior to joining Lotus Clinical Research in 2008, she served for 10 years as the Vice President of Clinical Operations for a 120 bed Phase 1 unit. She has bachelor's degree in healthcare administration, a degree in nursing and is also a certified clinical research coordinator.