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November 15, 2010 via Facebook
Julie Crowe Hans posted:

Kudos to Page for finding my deep, thin, smoking constricted vein on the first try today... She's giving Cheree a run for her money in the vein finding department!!!!

October 20, 2010 via Facebook
Veronica Reyes posted:

I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU!!! TO THE WHOLE TEAM FOR SAVING MY LIFE!!!!I WAS THE 5OTH PERSON PICKED FOR THE FIBROID TUMORS STUDY AND HYSTERECTOMY PERFORMED ON April 9th 2010. I was told if I didn't have the surgery done immediately I may not live to see 2011!!! Huntington Memorial hospital staff and everyone involved with the study are some Amazing people I was truly blessed. I was truly blessed to be the last person selected Wow!!!!God Bless all of You involved In This gift of life!!!!

September 23, 2010 via Facebook
Julie Crowe Hans posted;

Am almost finished my second study with Lotus. The staff is second to none... Special kudos to Cheree ( sha- ree) for being able to find my veins, they are sooooo deep!!!
The professionalism in which this staff conducts it self while still maintaining an excellent bedside manner is amazing!!!

September 13, 2010 via Facebook
Dennis Holeman posted:

I was in the O.I.C. study this summer and have to say that my experience was very positive !, am looking forward to the next study lotus calls me about. excellent staff !!!

August 3, 2010 via Facebook
Jack Jackson Jr. posted;

Hi There, Gang! This is me, Jack Jackson Jr. Thank you so much for sending me the Facebook invite. I have just recently joined the site myself. And, I was just telling someone the other day how pleased I was with my experience there. And how my skin is Still !completely clear of the psoriasis (except for occasionally under my finger nails, which is Totally cool with me ! lol) . I was just thinking about coming up by the office to tell you all this last week! Now I don't have to! Thank You All once again!!
Jack Jackson Jr.

June 30, 2010 via Facebook
Olivia Lord posted:

u guy's rock!

April 27, 2010
April Kottenbach posted:

Lotus was a blessing to me I had the gallbladder surgery and it was so easy to deal with everything from pain to drawing blood etc. with the staff. They were all well informed and professional. I even mentioned to people who were waiting to go throw the process when I was finishing mine telling them their staff and facility was the only one I recommend. Please keep me informed of anything thank you Kathy