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We are analgesic experts with a proven track record of conducting successful, full-service analgesic studies from startup through all phases of analgesic clinical trials. Learn more about our best-in-class capabilities, tools, and techniques.

We are a specialty analgesic CRO and site that supports all phases of
discovery for novel analgesics. We provide scientific leadership and
have extensive experience with the analgesic approval process.

Analgesic drug approvals
Pain trials completed
Positive FDA audits and no 483s issued
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Thinking about participating in one of our clinical trials? By participating in a clinical trial, you’ll play a valuable role in the discovery of new medicines and/or treatments for pain. The information gained from these clinical trials helps researchers find out if these new medicines and/or treatments are safe for humans to use and if they produce the intended effect.

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May. 16, 2012 2 Phase 2 Trials in Patients with Opioid-induced Constipation
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May. 17, 2017 Neil Singla, MD, Chief scientific Officer of Lotus Clinical Research to chair the American Pain Society’s 2nd annual Conference on Analgesic Trials
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May. 4, 2017 WEBINAR: Mitigation of Placebo Response Phenomenon in Analgesic Clinical Trials
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